Ep. 32: Karen Caldwell

Karen Caldwell is a fashion designer that uses bold colors and retro-Hollywood-influenced silhouettes to make custom dresses and gowns. Karen’s energy and enthusiasm makes for some entertaining life and career stories, and of course Jeff’s favorite: a speed round of questions.

Ep. 31: Elizabeth Hausler

Elizabeth is the Founder and CEO of Build Change, a non-profit organization that aims to reduce deaths, injuries, and economic losses caused by housing and school collapses due to natural disasters in emerging nations. She details how the organization is training builders, homeowners, engineers, and government officials to build these disaster-resistant buildings.

Ep. 30: Emily Wheeler

Emily Wheeler is a fine jewelry designer whose collection is made in the USA from the highest quality conflict free diamonds. She shares with Jeff how she got started in the jewelry business, the role social media plays in her work, and where she goes for inspiration when designing. Website

Ep. 28: Bowen Dwelle

Bowen Dwelle lives a life of entrepreneurship, physicality, intuitive decision making and maximizing creativity. He joins Jeff to discuss his recent travels, his new podcast series about outdoor athletes, and how he lives his life being “always ready.” Website

Ep. 27: Tim Stannard

As the founding partner of Bacchus Management Group, Tim Stannard oversees a collection of thriving Bay Area- and Southern California-based restaurants, including Michelin-starred restaurants, Spruce in San Francisco and The Village Pub in Woodside. Website

Ep. 25: Jonathan Feldman

After a career in filmmaking and carpentry, Jonathan Feldman successfully switched gears and became the founding partner and director of design for Feldman Architecture. He joins Jeff to discuss using his head vs. heart in his designs, the project that got away, and a lesson in rammed earth. Website

Ep. 24: Stanley Saitowitz

Stanley Saitowitz is a world-renowned architect and the Principal of Stanley Saitowitz/Natoma Architects. He speaks with Jeff about the resiliency required to be an architect, the architectural direction San Francisco is heading in, and some of the challenges and opportunities his firm is taking on. Website

Ep. 23: Jo Piazza

The award-winning journalist, editor, and author discusses her incredible new book “How to be Married,” a provocative memoir of a real first year of marriage. Jo traveled to twenty countries on five continents to figure out what modern marriage means and shares some of her findings on the episode. Website

Ep. 22: Aubrie Pick

Food, lifestyle, interiors, and travel photographer Aubrie Pick sits down to discuss what really goes on behinds the scenes of a typical photoshoot. She shares her experience photographing Chrissy Teigan’s cookbook, her obsession with oysters, and her work on her husband’s podcast “Together.” Website

Ep. 21: Allison Duncan

After serving as Program Director at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Allison started Amplifier Strategies to modernize philanthropy and make a difference on the world’s most urgent challenges. She discusses her firm’s approach to streamlining and improving charitable organizations and some of her favorite philanthropic movements. Website

Ep. 20: Richard Wodehouse

Richard Wodehouse is using his forty years of experience as a contractor to help people build their dream home. We learn all about the life of an Owner’s Representative and how his role in the home building process can save people a lot of time, money, and peace of mind. Website

Ep. 19: Tiffany Shlain

The filmmaker, author, and founder of the Webby Awards recently released the short-film “50/50: Women at the Table” and chats with Jeff about prevalent gender equalities issues. It’s a powerful episode that we hope will keep the conversation going about creating a gender equal society. Website

Ep. 18: Jayde Fish

The illustrator’s designs caught the eye of Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele, leading to her work being featured in their Spring/Summer 2017 line. Jayde discusses her creative process, her experience collaborating with Gucci, and what it’s like being married to another artist. Website

Ep. 17: Lewis Butler

Lewis Butler describes the amalgamation of historic architecture meeting innovative architecture in London, San Francisco, Old Europe and beyond. We chuckled about working with local planning departments as an opportunity rather than an endless uphill battle. Plus a look at Lewis’ renovations to his own San Francisco home and how he designed his own office…