The Pacific III

We love the creative way the wallpaper is framed in the dining room, the textures, materials, and colors are dynamite. And that is just one of the spaces in this haute home! The spaces developed into a recklessly inspiring residence, loved by our client, loved by our team. Reckless.

2018 Decorator Showcase

The 2018 showcase was a magical time to color in the lines and blur them at the same time. We selected delicate fabrics and textures then combined them with masculine colorways. The result was surprisingly more comforting and delivered on our aim to develop a room to recharge.

Sea Cliff III

We stumbled into this midcentury gem a couple of years ago and began a 7 month remodeling project. Making a few surgical modifications to floor plan and use of spaces, this home feels like it houses rock stars, but…not so much.


Here in the heart of Pacific Heights, is a Luxury building with an unbelievably refined interiors. Curved sofas make a lounge area that reminds us of a sunken living room. Lindsey Adelman ‘Clamp’ fixtures, wallpaper for the wild one inside us…what a wicked project for 2017.

Palo Alto

A classic interior gets a dose of our clients’ amazing art collection. Our team was deployed to turn up the volume in some corners and tone it down in others. This was a magical, monumental and masterful combination of client + design team cooperation.

living room decor and interior design

Black Hawk

With a passion for entertaining and a family to entertain often, you can believe me when I say these wonderful clients were excited about all the improvements happening. NONE of us knew how far this house would travel to be the home it is today, what a journey. The real goodness…came from seeing the joy…

modern and trendy living room

Grand Victorian

There comes a time, when everyone needs a little help. This 130 year old gal was waiting for a redecoration project and enthusiastically accepted the aid coming her way. The Grand Victorian was built in 1893 and has been on the receiving end of many-a-decorative decisions. Her current family are as fabulous as the furnishings…

Clay Street

Having just returned from seven years abroad in Barcelona, this family needed the familiar feel to emanate from the halls of their newly constructed home. We were selected out of an outstanding field of designers to help craft their best version of their dream home. We played with beautiful materials and custom built furniture in…

white kitchen with granite counterops

Greenwich Street

Principal Jeff Schlarb and co-founder Tray Schlarb collaborated on this project for a dramatic redevelopment of this residence. Originally a 2 unit building, the property was re-configured to live either as a singular family user, or to still maintain the usefullness as dual units. The building’s renovation was spectacularly executed with attention to every newly…

Belvedere Residence

This family’s residence was given a completely revised look with newly imagined aesthetics, finishes and textures. Principal Jeff Schlarb led the firm in the selected custom furnishings, wallpaper, revitalized artwork, custom rugs, custom light fixtures and accessories. Subtle, neutral tones were used as an initial palette, then came the jazzy electric colors, eclectic shapes, and…