“I think of you all so much because I sit between these same walls day after day after day – and what walls they are! Your talents, expertise, creativity and execution almost make sheltering in place a pleasure! I am so grateful to you all and your hard work as I stay home in the home of my dreams. THANK YOU!!!

I send you and yours the most healthful wishes from my heart during this scary and crazy time. And I appreciate every precious detail, every moment, every corner of this masterpiece of a penthouse you co-created. We went on this magical journey of sparkling discovery together, and I get to experience the results every minute of every day now. It makes me so happy to think of the people behind each and every detail.

Big hugs and THANK YOU for this masterpiece in which I get to live and spend so many many hours! Being here so much makes me appreciate you all even more, if that was even possible.”

“It is our pleasure to give a reference for Jeff and his entire design team. We have been working with Jeff Schlarb design for over five years now on three major projects for our home here in Danville, California. They are a most dignified and highly qualified company. They have assisted us with our architect while under a major remodel and their expertise was invaluable to us. Jeff and his design team have transformed our entire home both inside and out to perfection. They are an absolute delight to work with and never once did we have a hiccup of any sort with them. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of our working relationship and the finished product is extraordinary.

Anyone choosing Jeff Schlarb design would be so fortunate to have them working alongside you putting together your dream project. Good luck and have so much fun and be ready for an exquisite finish.”

“Just wanted to thank you again for your work and let you know that it has a real impact, especially in times like this. I now spend 80% of my waking hours in the kitchen, the rooms that look at the landscaping, or the yard itself, and it is an absolute pleasure now.”

“We just wanted to THANK YOU for creating an Ohana home of our dreams!!! It is beyond stunning and I am so grateful.

We also wanted you to know how happy we were to have Jade and Adilene (the dream team) wrap up our project during these challenging times. We want to keep them but I’m sure their husbands would miss them 😉 They were so lovely, professional, and a joy to work with. We’re so thankful for their hard work and flexibility, despite all the restrictions and challenges they had to deal with.

We soooo appreciate all the gorgeous floral arrangements and special added touches you and your team provided. It was such a beautiful detail and an indescribable feeling to have the house rise up to greet me.”